The description and introduction to characters of Office Girls Taiwanese drama.

Shen Xing Ren (沈杏仁) – Role played by Alice Ke (柯佳嬿)

Alice Ke

25 years old, Cancer type B, a specialist in sales department of Jing Shi Department Store, works for two years. Growth in single-parent family, receiving mother’s education to develop a practical personality which is realistic without flights of fancy.

Alice Ke as Sheng Xin Ren

Xing Ren has a strong sense of morality, is also very emphasis on right and wrong, she filial piety to elders, compassion for the weak, caring for the earth, always do a good job recycling, and never litter. If talking about the greatest advantage of Xing Ren, it is none other than the frugality! She always haggles over every ounce, throws away toothpaste only after broken it, only change pen after no ink, even a dollar has to be saved.

Perhaps because of the simple growth environment simple, no matter what bad things happen, Xing Ren can always find herself a reason to happy. She is grateful for everything, is a true optimist, because to Xing Ren, the life is the best gift God gave her.

At work, Xing Ren is the type of hardworking and pragmatic. She knows she does not have big skill, so she pays special attention to small details. She did not quibble, do not shirk responsibility, always gives a little more than others, insist on step by step, work hard in her own way. In dealing with people, Xing Ren holds fast to the “customer first” principle, can put herself into the shoe of others, to understand the needs of others, but because of so always suffer.

Qin Zi Qi (秦子奇) – Acting by Roy Qui Tse (邱澤)

Roy Qui Tse as Qin Zi Qi

28 years old, Sagittarius type O, the heir of Jing Shi Departmental Store.

Roy Qui Tse

Looks handsome, intelligent, wealthy, though he has all the favorable conditions, but it also creates him whose personality is going in one’s own way and overweening personality, he feels very good about himself.

Roy Qui Tse

Perhaps it is because everything comes so easily, Zi Qi is always indifferent on life, does not care about anything. He always put up 60% effort of his strength. Although he is not often challenging his own limit, but Zi Qi is eager to win, as long as it’s the thing he wanted to do, it will definitely be beyond expectations, he is a standard kind of genius.

Zi Qi character is direct, although seldom talk, but his words are usually hit the nail on the head, sharp and unflinching. He who is smart and quick is best in rebuke people, especially good in angering his father.

At work, Zi Qi believes result is more important than the process, although he always late to work and leave early, but always can gain merit at a critical time, let everyone else have nothing to say.

Yu Cheng Feng (余承風) – Played by Wen Sheng Hao (溫昇豪)

Wen Sheng Hao as Yu Zheng Feng

32 years old, Capricorn type B, born designer, is a chairman of brand agency enterprise. Serious and responsible, gentle and steady, noble taste, with a strong artist temperament, is also a handsome gentleman, both men and women will be attracted to him.

Wen Sheng Hao

Cheng Feng is friendly to others at normal time, takes care of everything, but once it’s linked to work, will become very strict. He is a hands-on workaholic, everything from interior decoration, merchandise marketing, packaging design, and even personnel control, have to be done under his supervision. In addition, he is serious mysophobia! Like a doll’s hand must be placed at 15 degrees, the cloth cannot have the slightest color variant, is a true perfectionist, so often the people underneath him is very tired.

Cheng Feng is very principle, he does things orderly, everything follows the rules, but can always led the direction towards his desired orientation soft attitude, is a convincing manager. Although his company is always hiring people, but everybody we still willing to fight for that few vacancies, because they all know, following Cheng Feng will have more benefits than loses.

Cheng Feng motto is: how many points talent you have, than add up same number of points in hardworking, that’s the true meaning of genius! Comparing with Zi Qi, he not only wants to do thing perfectly, but wants to do it better. He believes to get thing done is depending on human, unwilling to rest for even one second, focus on result but also pay attention to process.

Zheng Kai Er (鄭凱兒) – acting by Tia Li (李毓芬)

Tia Li as Zheng Kai Er

27, Aries type O, specialist in marking department of Jing Shi Department Store. Looks beautiful, has sizable breast, brain, and taste, also strong in ambition and ability. Know how to read people’s mind, know when to do what is best for herself, expertise in using different ways to rein in the person beside her convincingly.

Tia Li

The hardship during childhood in her growing up environment affects Kai Er values. In order not to be ignored, for people to think highly of her, Kai Er is desperate for “success.” She who eager to be first never shows weakness in front of others, able to achieve good result in every respect, do whatever so that herself can be focus of public attention, for her, this is the dignity of life!

At workplace, for her own future, Kai Er can do anything to stand on other’s head. Beautiful appearance is her most proud weapon, she really know how to make good use of her own beauty (but not sex) to achieve objective, even when scolding other she also smiles elegantly, a very smart mean.

Wei Min Na (衛敏娜) – Role played by Janel Tsai (蔡淑臻)

Janel Tsai as Wei Min Na

Female, 30 years old, a supermodel.

Janel Tsai

The spokeswoman for Cheng Feng’s brand, is also his design inspiration. Met Cheng Feng in France, at that time Zheng Feng is still an unknown designer, but Min Na is already a modal with increasing fame, but Min Na ignores the outside perspective, choose to fall in love with Cheng Feng.

Her relationship with Cheng Feng has been stable, until Cheng Feng requests to return to Asia and marry. For the career, Min Na rejects Cheng Feng, she knows they are no longer pursuing the same goal, and decides to cut off the relationship with Cheng Feng.

Liu Yu Le (劉禹樂) – Acting by Guo Shu Yao (郭書瑤)

Guo Shu Yao as Le Le

Female, Le Le, 25 years old, specialist in administrative department of Jing Shi department store.

Guo Shu Yao

Looks sweet, personality is muddle-headed, gossip seeking, keen on Constellation and Tarot fortune-telling. Le Le often takes advantage of her position to inquire about the gossip, and has amazing imagination! Chairman sneezes is said as bad cold, pay rise is said to retrenchment. Nevertheless, the simple Le Le does not have harmful mean, just that she can’t control her mouth, as such, she often sets off the storm in the office.

Guo Shu Yao

Xing Ren’s close friend and roommate. Enthusiastic, energetic, has a personality that is nosy, and public-spirited. Together with boyfriend for several years, relationship is stable, from time to time will bring boyfriend back home to overnight, or spend the night at boyfriend’s place. Xing Ren is accustomed to it.

Le Le cares about Xing Ren just like sister, thinks Xing Ren is too honest, too easy to be bullied, needs someone to protect, so she always interprets the feeling of Xing Ren from her position, believes Xing Ren should do this do that. She is for the good of Xing Ren, but does not realize that, over enthusiasm towards a friend will sometimes break the seed of friendship.

Qin Mu Bai (秦慕白) – Actor is Shen Meng Sheng (沈孟生)

Shen Meng Sheng as Qin Mu Bai

Male, 58 years old, chairman of Jing Shi Department Store, father of Zi Qi.

Shen Meng Sheng

Mu Bai looks a bit rustic, has stiff personality, and is extremely stubborn. From young, he worked hard and struggled until manage to own this large-scale Jing Shi Department Store, due to integrity and honesty, Mu Bai has positive assessment in the business world, and thus accumulated a lot of contacts! Although his name has a rather scholarly, but it’s very different to the impression he gave others, has quite unique sense of humor.

Used to have great respect for his wife method of educating son, but later, Mu Bai really could not stand the uppity son, decides to take back the initiative to hone his son! He arranges Zi Qi to work from the grassroots level, personally goes to field to understand difference between theory and practical, is a harsh but under the pro-war to understand the difference between theory and practice is a harsh but compassionate father.

Ye Hua (葉華) – Actress is Lin Hsiu Chun (林秀君)

Female, 53 years old, wife of chairman of Jing Shi departmental store.

Followed Mu Bai when young, helped him to start from scratch, and manage everything at home, very loved by Mu Bai.

Ye Hua is spoiling her only son Zi Qi, indirectly causing the odd personality of Zi Qi who always does his own way. Although does not agree with Mu Bai attempt to train Zi Qi, but for her son’s future, can only choose to support her husband. Nevertheless, she feels bad about civilian life of Zi Qi and secretly aid him, until discovered by Mu Bai.

Tu Jin Quan (涂金泉) – Role played by Luk Yat-Lung (陸一龍)

Luk Yat-Lung

Male, 52 years old, general manager of Jing Shi Department Store, about to retire.

When the Jing Shi Department Store is still a small market, he applied to be the first employee, later the business grows robustly, Mui Ba is gratitude that he never betrays and leaves the company, appointed him as general manager.

On the surface he is respectful to Chairman Mu Bai, but he is an ambitious, a corrupt official who pursues his own own interests as the highest goal. He favors Hu Jian Zhong, the vice president of marketing planning department, the two reportedly collude secretly to charge manufacturers for rebates for a long time.

As the saying goes: “When your boss adds a person on top of you, it means he does not trust you!” So, when the chief executive Yu Cheng Feng appears, Jin Quan starts to feel sense of crisis.

Feng Ren Yue (封仁月) – Role acted by Lang Zu Yun (郎祖筠)

Lang Zu Yun as Feng Ren Yue

Female, 48 years old, executive vice president of the administrative department of Jing Shi Departmental Store.

Lang Zu Yun

Originally an accountant for Qin Mu Bai, follows him faithfully for more than thirty years. Is responsible, clearly differentiate public and private matters, can always handle the tasks assigned in the shortest period of time. In private, colleagues give her a nickname of mother of darkness, because her movement is unpredictable, always suddenly appears when the crowd is slacking, everybody is afraid of her.

Her presence led to fast turnover of Jing Shi Department Store personnels. The company obviously does not give her any benefit, but she always stand in the position of employer to consider, cold, ruthless, no blood, no tears.

Hu Jian Zhong (胡建中) – Acting by David Zhao Zheng Ping (趙正平)

David Zhao as Hu Jiang Zhong

Male, 46, vice president of capital investment department of Jing Shi Departmental Store.

David Zhao

Subordinates have privately called him Fox. Insidious, wily, speaking slowly, appearance does not have any emotion. You never know what this guy is planning, because he always hides in the shadows, waiting to give a fatal blow! Really understands how to seize the opportunity, averse the risk, excellent job performance but unpopular.

Fox and general manager has good relationship, and often uses his authority to contain other departments. A sexual maniac who always decide whether to approve the document based on how low and how deep is female employees’ V neckline is exposing the boobs.

Chu Xiang Lan (褚湘蘭) – Played by Yan Jia Le (顏嘉樂)

Yan Jia Le as Chu Xiang Lan

Female, 42 years old, vice president of Jing Shi Departmental Store sales department. Is head of Xing Ren and others.

Yan Jia Le as Chu Xiang Lan

Gentle and considerate, has a mighty heart. Started from the low level to be promoted till vice president, know how to compassionate subordinates, because she used to work with a good boss, that was a senior manager that joined same period with Jin Quan, but retired early due to illness. The style of the boss has became the model for Xiang Lan to lead their subordinates.

Married without children for many years, finally pregnant, so extremely cherish the hard-earned baby. Unexpectedly when happily wants to give birth to the baby, found that her husband is having an affair, and the third-party is her best friend. Not only that, she was one step ahead to give birth to a daugther with her husband. Simultaneous problem in work and marriage makes feel more suffering. She who is strong never reveals her fragile side in front of subordinates, fearing that it will hit their confidence.

Insisting not to divorce, because she wants to give the baby a complete home, and in the end she manages to persuade her husband to come back home. At the same time, she also manages to breakthrough the bottlenecks in work. Initially thought everything is calm, unexpectedly the third-party comes to find trouble in the company. The marriage crisis that originally does not want to be knew by people has became big scandal in the company. Finally decides to divorce her husband. Thought that things finally come to an end, but after giving birth to her son, her husband comes back to fight for child custody in the court. At the same time, her position in the company is once again in precarious predicament state, causing her hard to solve the problem, just hope she can passes it all.

Shi Te Long (史特龍) – Actor is Patrick Li (李沛旭)

Patrick Li as Shi Te Long

Male, 33 years old, the manager in sales department of Jing Shi Departmental Store.

Patrick Li

Relying on nepotism to enter the company, and successfully been promoted to the post of manager, so no one dared to offend him.

Patrick Li

Te Long is a manager of procrastination and lack of ambition. Once he encounters a thing he becomes faint-hearted, throw down all the tasks delegated from the top to subordinates, making them complaining non-stop. “Shameless is courage” is his mantra.

Te Long always rely on his little smart to dawdle, is a boot-licker, verbiage, often talk about jokes that are not humor, causing that office atmosphere to condense instantly.

Lü Cha (綠茶) – Role played by Rim (林峻永)

Rim as Lu Cha

Male, 29 years old, Xing Ren’s colleague.


Earns his nick name due to love drinking non-sugar green tea.

Is a otaku (house male) with strange logic, often talk with technical terms that nobody can understand, signature action is quietly push glasses, is said to secretly in love of Le Le.

Lu Cha treats Lolita doll as lover, ranks in top hundred for Warcraft world ranking, although he is excellent in the online world, but in real life he is satisfied with just getting through, just deals with trouble, and used to work under the supervision.

Man Di (蔓蒂) – Acting by Stephanie Chang Pei-ying / Xiao Ba (張珮瑩 / 小八)

Xiao Ba as Man Di

Female, 27 years old, the best in car within the group. Responsible for quality product investment.

Xiao Ba

She is proud with beautiful outlook like a peacock, all the time in makeup, always talk of wealthy theory, the goal is to get married into wealthy family to be a wealthy wife for life, is same kind with Kai Er.

Man Di knows Kai Er is better than her, so she willingly collects all the intelligences of business department for her. In the beginning, she does not take exception to Zi Qi, thinking he is just a odd-job laborer. But unthinkable that she has a day when she is wrong.

Mai Ke (麥可) – Role played by Luo Ping (羅平)

Luo Ping

Male, 30 years old, Cheng Feng special assistant.

Long-winded, nosy, love the set the record straight, worship his master Cheng Feng.

Zhang Shu Fang (張淑芳) – Acted by Yang Li-Yin (楊麗音)

Wang Juan as Zhang Shu Fang

Female, 50 years old, mother of Xing Ren.

Wang Juan

Because her husband passed away, she brought up Xing Ren alone, is the is the greatest pillar of life for Xing Ren.

Shu-Fang has resilience of traditional woman, optimistic personality, thrifty, do not bow easily to life. Rely on selling joss sticks in front of the temple for living, the greatest wish is that Xing Ren can find a good home to marry.