MediaCorp, the TV network of Channel 8, has published several behind the scene video clips which show the making of On The Fringe 2 (or just On The Fringe, as it’s not related to earlier drama of same name first released in 1988, but is not a sequel), mainly on the car explosion scenes with mixed with interview with actors and actresses.

The Making of On The Fringe Car Explosion Scene, as explained by Li Nan Xing.

On The Fringe behind the scenes interview with Fann Wong

Interview with Li Nanxing and Kate Pang, who worked together with Li Nanxing for the first time in ‘On The Fringe’

Interview with Fann Wong

Interivew with Zhang Yaodong, who plays the role of a bad guy for the first time, and often have to endure beating from Fann Wong.

Li Nanxing, Fann Wong and Zhang Yaodong @ filming site of “On the Fringe”! In the interview, Fann Wong said that it’s tiring to be on the dark side.

Interview with Edwin Goh whose role is Yao Zhiyong

Interview with Ian Fang whose role is Jason Liu

Interview with Kimberly Chia whose describe her role as Lin Yaxuan (Ah Ya)

Interview with Elizabeth Lee who describe her role as Joey

Phua Yida describes her role as Tomato

Edwin Goh (吴劲威) thanks the viewers for voting for him as he receives the Red Apple Award. With his role as Yao Zhiyong 姚志勇, he garnered 37% of the votes in a Facebook poll asking viewers to choose the teen actor with the greatest acting prowess in On The Fringe!

Edwin Goh answers some questions posted on the Channel 8 Facebook fan page. He also says Kimberly and her is just friend in real life when answering a burning question about Kimberly Chia and him.

The young casts of On the Fringe proved to be more popular than the main actors and actresses. XinMSN held an interview with them, which are so called WCS gang.

There are also several interviews with the cast of On The Fringe that do not related to the drama, but on what was the most rebellious act done before.

Fann Wong talked about how she dislike smoking.

Li Nanxing talked about got caned on naked butt after got into a fight.

Pang Ling Ling talked about got bitten by dog which left 3 holes.

Zhang Yaodong talked about escaped from school and failure in cheating.

Kate Pang talked about not getting home at night.

On The Fringe Behind The Scenes Photos