Synopsis summary for On the Fringe from episode 1 to episode 5, together with preview trailer video clips of each episode and some screen capture from the drama.

Episode 1

Tian Yibang, a former gang member was sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment and caning for robbery with aggravated assault. Upon his release from prison, he discovered that his “brother” Moda has passed away under mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, his son Zhiyong is all grown up but seems to be following in his father’s footsteps, playing truant and getting involved in gang fights.

Episode 2

Yibang pays his respect to Moda and reminisces about the times together with him and 2 other members, Ah Qing and Si Yanji. Moda’s lover Liu Jiali assumed leadership of the gang but is facing internal mutiny as well as external threats.

Episode 2 Preview Trailer

Episode 3

Yibang unwittingly gets involved in Jiali’s gang matters. Ah Qing warns him that she is not a simple person and tells him to stay clear of her. Yibang tries to look for his son but realized that his old place has been demolished.

Episode 3 Preview Trailer

Episode 4

Yibang received Jiali’s call for help and rushed to her aid. He later finds out that it is a test set-up by her. Jiali tells him she wants him to join her gang to help her as she finds him trustworthy. Yibang emphasized he vowed never to tread the old path again.

Episode 4 Preview Trailer

Episode 5

Jiali’s brother Jason and Zhiyong are in the same school. Both are at odds with each other. The school principal discovered a condom in Ah Ya’s bag and requested to meet her parents. Ah Ya feels humiliated by this incident. Zhiyong is sure that this is the work of Jason and he takes revenge by hacking into his account and posted a defamatory blog post of the principal. As a result of this, Jiali and Jason are both summoned to see the principal.

Episode 5 Preview Trailer

Scenes capture from On The Fringe 2 Episode 1 to 5