Synopsis summary for On the Fringe from episode 11 to episode 15, together with preview trailer video clips of each episode and some screen capture from the drama.

Episode 11

Ah Qing is arrested for drug smuggling. Yibang is depressed over his failure to save him. Yibang tells Si Yan Ji of his intentions to find out who betrayed Ah Qing and Mo Da’s murderer. Si Yan Ji remembered calling Mo Da and asking him to go to the carpark where he fell to his death. It turns out Si Yan Ji is involved in Mo Da’s death.

Episode 11 Preview Trailer

Episode 12

Jason is constantly seeking troubles and as a result Jiali seeks solace in alcohol. Yibang accompanies her. Yibang protects her when she is suddenly attacked. Jiali miscarries after she stepped up front to block off the attacker who was about to hurt Yibang.

Episode 12 Preview Trailer

Episode 13

Yibang is worried after seeing Shasha with Leo. He warns Shasha about Leo. Leo spies on Shasha and is aware that she is in contact with Yibang. Afraid that Yibang will upset his plans, he tells Shasha that Yibang has renewed ties with his old gang members. Shasha is at a loss.

Episode 13 Preview Trailer

Episode 14

Si Yan Ji brings Xiaoshun to look for Zhong Ling and finds out she has been fired because of the unsavory characters she attracts. Ai Zai Hong’s son is back to take revenge on Si Yan Ji. A panic Xiaoshun accidentally peed on Ai Zai Hong’s son causing him to beat Xiaoshun. Si Yan Ji ends up killing Ai Zai Hong’s son when he tried to protect Xiaoshun.

Episode 14 Preview Trailer

Episode 15

Zhiyong looks down upon Yibang after realizing that he is his father. Yibang and Adam stopped Zhiyong and Jason from fighting. Zhiyong refuses to listen to Yibang’s advice and tells him he is not qualified to discipline him as he is an ex-convict himself. In a fit of anger, Yibang took drastic measures against Zhiyong.

Episode 15 Preview Trailer

Scenes capture from On The Fringe 2 Episode 11 to 15