On the Fringe 2 Episode 16

On the Fringe Episode 16 – 20 (Final) Synopsis

Synopsis summary for On the Fringe 2 from episode 16 to episode 20 (the final episode), together with preview trailer video clips of each episode and some screen capture from the drama.

Episode 16

Shasha waits for Zhiyong outside his school and bumps into Jiali who is also sending Jason to school. Jiali admits she is involved in illegal business when questioned by Shasha. Shasha asked Jiali to leave Yibang alone. Jiali however said the choice lies with Yibang.

Episode 16 Preview Trailer

Episode 17

Jiali caught up with Si Yanji and Zhongling while preparing to run away. Yibang however let them go. Jiali tells him Si Yanji is involved in Moda’s death as it was Si Yanji who asked Moda to go to the carpark. Yibang refused to believe, Jiali tells him he is too trusting and she warns him she won’t let him off if Yibang continues to stop her.

Episode 17 Preview Trailer

Episode 18

Jiali questioned Ah Dang after discovering that Yibang is being pursued by Leo. Albert admitted he was the one who didn’t pass the message to Jiali. He is not agreeable with her constantly shielding him, and warns her that Leo is too cunning and she is of no match to him. Jiali however insists on protecting Yibang.

Episode 18 Preview Trailer

Episode 19

Jiali follows Yibang when he looks for Si Yanji. Si Yanji asked Yibang to send Zhong Ling to the hospital while he faces the consequences from Jiali himself. Yibang refused to let Jiali kills him and wants Si Yanji to surrender himself to the police. An Zai Hong arrived to take Jiali as hostage and wants Yibang to exchange Si Yanji for Jiali.

Episode 19 Preview Trailer

Episode 20 (Finale)

Episode 20 Preview Trailer

Zhiyong suspects David is involved in Ah Dong’s disappearance and secretly follows him. He is caught by David and ends up being locked up with Ah Dong and Jason. Yibang tries to rescue Zhiyong but is hit in the head by David instead. Police appears in time to stop the bloodshed, and Yibang is sent to hospital, safely recovers. Zhiyong eventually reunites with Yibang.

Scenes captured from On The Fringe 2 Episode 16 to 20






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