On The Fringe Episode 6

On the Fringe Episode 6 – 10 Synopsis

Synopsis summary for On the Fringe 2 from episode 6 to episode 10, together with preview trailer video clips of each episode and some screen capture from the drama.

Episode 6

Yibang suspects something is not right after seeing Jiali leaving in a car and decided to follow her. He manages to save her in time. Ah Dang suspects it is the work of Feng Tou Bing but Jiali thinks otherwise as her abductor seems to know her schedules too well including her last minute moves. Yibang has his own suspicions.

Episode 6 Preview Trailer

Episode 7

Ah Qing’s debtors come after him and give him a good beating. Yi Bang witnesses it, and Ah Qing confesses that he was being blackmailed by his debtors to reveal Jia Li’s whereabouts. That resulted in the assault on Jia Li. Yi Bang pushes him to reveal who the perpetrators were, but Ah Qing, wanting to protect his family, refuses to tell him

Episode 7 Preview Trailer

Episode 8

Zhiyong is furious after learning that Jason tried to drug Ah Ya. Jason calls Jiali for help after being beaten up by Zhiyong and his friends. Jiali and Yibang arrived in time to rescue him. Yibang and Zhiyong are both unaware of their father-son relationship. Zhiyong even mistook Yibang as a gangster.

Episode 8 Preview Trailer

Episode 9

Based on the address that Huahua has given him, Yibang located Tomato home and is shocked to find out that his son is Zhiyong. He tells Shasha that he has finally met his son but is worried that Zhiyong will end up like him. Yibang is determined to stop his son from taking the wrong path, Shasha agrees to help him.

Episode 10

Yibang purposely shift to the unit next to Tomato house so as to keep an eye on Zhiyong. Joey calls Zhiyong for help when she is almost molested by her mother’s boyfriend. Zhiyong rushed to help him but is not able to get a cab. Yibang offers him a lift and helped him to save Joey.

Scenes captured from On The Fringe 2 Episode 6 to 10






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