On the Fringe is one of the blockbuster drama series for Channel 8 in 2011, and the TV channel has been wasting no time in promoting the show. Here’s a few movie trailers and promotional TV ads to remind for the On The Fringe drama.

On The Fringe 4 minutes preview trailer, which contains spoilers.

On The Fringe 2011 trailer in English

On The Fringe Launch 1 Trailer

On The Fringe Launch 2 Trailer

On The Fringe Launch 3 Trailer

On The Fringe Launch 4 trailer

On The Fringe Launch 5 Trailer – Brotherhood (兄弟之情)

On The Fringe Launch 6 Trailer

On The Fringe Reminder 1

On The Fringe Reminder 2

Li Nanxing promotes On The Fringe

Kate Pang promotes On The Fringe

Zhang Yaodong promotes On The Fringe

Pan Lingling promotes On The Fringe

Fann Wong promotes On The Fringe

Archenemies Edwin and Ian kissed to promote On The Fringe

Kids from WCS, namely Edwin Goh, Ian Fang, Kimberly Chia, Elizabeth Lee and Pan Yu Da, the young actors and actress in On the Fringe promote the drama.

On the Fringe is one of the most successful drama in Singapore in recent years. For this, the production team published a thank you trailer.

Justin Peng Thank You Trailer

Gabriel Lee Thank You Trailer

Elizabeth Lee Thank You Trailer

Phua Yida Thank You Trailer

Ian Fang Thank You Trailer

Kimberly Chia Thank You Trailer

Edwin Goh Thank You Trailer