Park Jin Hee Youthful and Smart Clothing in Fermentation Family

Park Jin Hee is challenging fashionable clothing in Fermentation Family (Kimchi Family).

In Giant, Park Jin Hee was playing the role of ‘retro fashion’ leader who is modern and stylish during 70s. In Money’s Warfare, she was getting attention for playing a role of arrogant but stylish Korean woman.

Now, in JTBC drama series Fermentation Family, Park Jin Hee is wearing a variety of clothing combination. Park Jin Hee is playing the role of Lee Kang San in Fermentation Family. In the drama she is a energetic person who conveys “virus of happiness.” She is cheerful and very sincere.

Park Jin-hee is using a variety of colors and patterns to show her unique personality, and her charisma has been deeply concerned by many women. So far, Jin Hee has been demonstrating Korean women’s fashion. Recently, she challenges all-new style through Fermentation Family, a cut yet charming style.

Work in the western restaurant, Jin Hee is wearing a white shirt, neat, lively and lovely. After coming to Chunjiin, Jin Hee starts the work from kitchen to waitress, as well as pickling kimchi. In the process, her clothes are very appropriate to show her personality.

Lively and light clothing demonstrates Jin Hee bright and lovely side. In addition, in order to cover the shortcomings that seem common, a short of primary color is added to show a more lively style. The apron prepared personally by mother for Kang San also matches with her clothing.

Compared to high-heeled shoes, the choice of show is the more comfortable sports shoe. The check plaid patter and color matching show the unique charm of Kang San.

Official of production company said, “Because the clothing has a large effect on an actor, so before filming Jin Hee even specifically discussed with director about her fashion design. Jin Hee is not wanting to highlight her own to select clothes, but is working hard to match the theme of Chunjiin, nature and the style of co-actors.”

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