Perfect Ending for Brain but Over Focus on Shin Ha Kyun Leaves Regret

KBS2 TV Monday and Tuesday drama Brain finally closed its curtain on January 17th, 2012. In the last episode, Lee Kang Hoon (Shin Ha Kyun) achieved success and fame, and at the same time won the heart of Yoon Ji Hye (Choi Jung Won), staging perfect finale. However, the focus of the drama on portrayal on the application of the river have also made the play depicts slightly flawed, leaving regret.

Kang Hooon who has been looking forward to the success is getting his dreamed success after learning how to let go. Shin Ha Kyun is the main contributor for the popularity of the drama. He is starring in the prime time drama series for the first time after a lapse of 8 years after 2003’s Good Person, immediately attracted the attention of viewers after his appearance, playing to his strength. The role he is playing in the drama, Lee Kang Hoon, is a perfectionist who wants success more than anyone else, only that he is very embarrassed to keep his head up in front of the family. this character can attract viewers, and the image of the character that Shin Ha Kyun perfectly portrayed has the popular trend in current drama, indifferent, bad-tempered without losing cuteness, also successfully attracted attention.

However, the production team of Brain is too dependent on Shin Ha Kyun. The plot is more focusing on portraying Shin Ha Kyun the nearer to the end, other supporting casts appear to be non-essential. In particular, the rate of appearance by one of the main supporting actor, Jo Dong Hyuk is getting less and less. He plays the role of neurosurgeon Seo Joon Suk, the main rival of Shin Ha Kyun and has a crush on Ji Hye, who is the biggest competitor to Lee Kang Hoon no matter in work or love. And their rivalry is also the main line of the drama, but production team may be overly think highly of Shin Ha Kyun’s popularity, leading to the lowering of Joon Suk’s importance, even lack of a complete description for the character.

Joon Suk is born in a rich family, is the opponent of Kang Hoon. Episode 16 used to describe that Joon Suk has suffering which is unknown to others at home and hospital, but the drama only made a casual remark in passing with a few dialog lines, never makes a complete description about him who is the main rival of Lee Kang Hoon. And Joon Suk who is the arch rival of Kang Hoon at the initial stage of the drama also quickly settle their differences as the Joon Suk has too few scenes, making audience longing for more.

In addition, the portrayal for Ji Hye who stages a love line with Kang Hoon is too hasty and careless. Although her appearance is more than Joon Suk, but also as the character that
\she photographed more than tin-Jun, but only as a contrast characteristics of the add shading around the character of Kang Hoon for him to stand out. Ji Hye who has the complete opposite personality with Kang Hoon gives comfort when he suffers setback, and also lets Kang Hoon gradually opens his heart to her. However, may be the charm of Kang Hoon is too powerful, Ji Hye failed to show the expected stubbornness, and have actually become a supporting role that follows Kang Hoon. In the last episode, Ji Hye wants to job hopping to another hospital, Kang Hoon afraid of losing her but unable to retain her. Kang Hoon requests to work together with Ji Hye, but Ji Hye hopes he can wait for her, but in the end, Ji Hye inexplicably stays in the original hospital, back to side of Kang Hoon, indicating a perfect ending.

Although the drama explains the importance of the role of Ji Hye in the hospital in the relationship with Kang Hoon, but regrettably that it can’t do it thoroughly. If Kang Hoon who wants to success by hook or by crook can make use of Ji Hye timely, then the plot may be will be more tension, and the image of Ji Hye will be more solid.

By just looking at Lee Kang Hoon of Brain, he is definitely a charismatic figure, has unique and distinctive personality, but his portrayal is making other characters in the drama to be overly unimportant. With the drama as a whole, leaving behind a great pity.

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4 responses to “Perfect Ending for Brain but Over Focus on Shin Ha Kyun Leaves Regret”

  1. Ricejasmin Avatar

    I was thinking , may be the same thing. Just that it’ s a drama. In reality, life is not that picture perfect. A person who is that arrogant like Dr. Lee should not be rewarded that much. :-)

    I love Shin Ha Kyun, not Dr. Lee.

  2. febri neutron Avatar
    febri neutron

    i just can say one thing.. shin ha kyun did a great job for his role as dr. lee kang hoon.. i can’t imagine if the role is played by the other actor maybe it would’t be as good as shin ha kyun did… love this drama… :)

  3. Miss Yellow Avatar
    Miss Yellow

    Honestly, I have got hooked by Shin Ha Kyun since the firrt eps. I love my monday because I would see Ha Kyun Oppa at KBS.

    Life is not fair.. at least for Dr.Lee. I am so glad at the end he could head up. As a korean drama lover, I will remember BRAIN as Shin Ha Kyun’s Master Piece. You have done great job. It will be hard for me in the future to look at you as someone else, “Dr. Lee”. I m sorry never acknowledged your previous movies/dramas but currently am starting to watch “Harvest Villa”…

    If you read my message (or someone knows you), I just want to say…. “Fighting!!”

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