Synopsis Summary for Episode 1 of tvN drama series Queen In-Hyun’s Man

Title: The thick wall of time, has a crack

The time is 1694, Joseon Dynasty of 20th year of King Sukjong. The inner heart of Hongmungwan scholar Boong Do is full of tragic memory where none of his family was spared during the change of state. He has only one wish! That’s to reinstate Queen Inhyun who was expelled from the palace five years ago to her position. Under the direction of the king, he secretly monitor the dynamic of Namin’s forces, but he found that Namin whose highest ruler is the Right State Councillor (Uuijeong) Min Am is plotting to assassinate Queen In-hyun. In the process to prevent the plot of Namin, he stumbles across a mysterious item by chance.

On the other hand, in the Republic of Korea in 2012. The unknown actress Hee Jin who never played a decent role participated in the audition for a role in a historical drama. She who has a premonition for a good result goes to the audition venue happily, but bumps into foe-like ex-boyfriend Dong Min. This made her to have unlucky hunch that this audition is going to be screwed up.