Queen In-hyun’s Man Episode 2 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Episode 2 of tvN drama series Queen In-Hyun’s Man

Title: Not dead, nor dreaming… Where is here?

Hee Jin success in the audition for the role of Queen In-Hyun. Although she is agitated because of ex-boyfriend Dong Min, but she who is casting in a lead role for the first time in her life, feels so happy. She stabilizes the tense mood, walking towards the venue of production press conference for the drama.

On the one hand, the forces of Namin are in a hurry to send Boong Do who foiled their plot to assassinate Queen Inhyun into hopeless state. At the time when the knife would fall onto his neck, Boong Do who brought into play an amazing strength, is panic because of the strange situation in front of him. The rather baffling woman who is wearing strange clothing, claiming to be Queen In-Hyun that in front of him is making him confused.





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