The Taiwanese drama Office Girls won another ratings battle of Sunday’s idol drama slot, the viewers have also used magnifying glass to inspect the plot. In episode 10 aired on October 23rd, 2011, Qin Zi Qi (played by Roy Chiu) accidentally has electric shock when repairing the electric box, and as the result he is fainted and fell to the ground. Netizens graduated with degree in electrical pointed out that in fact the power switch for the power box has already switched off, so Roy Chiu shouldn’t get electric shock. In addition, after he fell down on the ground, he continued to spasm, it is a bit exaggerated.

Netizien “aha66” works in power related job. He pointed out, “The no fuse breaker (NFB) at the far right has a wire that comes loose, the switch has been pull to the OFF state, so basically at this time it’s impossible to get electric shock.” In addition, Roy Chiu only in contact with one power line, coupled with he was wearing slippers, and hand was dry, the response of been electrifying by 110V power shouldn’t be so exaggerated, unless it’s a direct shock the heart. In addition, netizens also questioned if it is really an electric shock, he should be immediately taken to hospital.

Sanlih TV responded, “We humbly accept the suggestion from netizens, this plot does indeed has a stronger dramatic effect, not taken to hospital is also because of future plot development.”

Roy Chiu Birthday when Filming Electric Shock Scene

When the scene was shot, it’s coincidentally the day of Roy Chiu’s birthday. The production team deliberately played trick with him. They let Roy Chiu closed his eyes, lying on the ground for a long time, and cleared the venue silently. Then only he felt something is not right. At this time, Guo Shu Yao and Alice Ke Jia Yan brought out a cake each to in front of him, surprised him, who continued to sit on the groud to giggle.

via UDN