Each episode of SBS drama series Rooftop Prince is broadcasted in alarmingly dangerous state due the shooting has to be done hurriedly. The persistent ill of the Korean miniseries having to broadcast almost as live in the later half of the series is been duplicated in Rooftop Prince. The problem is script that comes too late.

An official of the drama said on April 12th, 2012, “The script for 9th episode of Rooftop Prince hasn’t come out yet. Screenplay writer Lee Hee Myung is working alone on most of the script, hence situation like this occurs. The shooting is divided into team A, B, C, but the lead actors have many scenes together, so it’s not entirely satisfactory.”

As for the cancellation of originally planned back-to-back episode 7 and 8 broadcast on the night after election on April 12th, 2012, it’s due to insufficient footage been filmed.

Another official said, “Occupying the top spot of Wednesday and Thursday drama, the atmosphere on the filming set is great, but it’s a fact that everyone is suffering from tight filming schedule. In order not to disappoint viewers, is working very hard in filming. The actors including Park Yoochun, Han Ji Min and Jung Yoo Mi cooperate really well and work in harmony.”

The decision to make Rooftop Prince was made in December 2011 after twists and turns. But Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won couldn’t revived the MBC’s The King 2 Hearts, allowing Rooftop Prince to claim the top spot in viewership ratings among all dramas broadcast at the same spot, and follow up the victory with hot pursuit.

SBS at one time was scheduled to broadcast Korean Peninsula, although PD Shin Yoon Seob of SBS Productions was confirmed as the director, it was canceled and replaced with Rooftop Prince.

via Nate