In the recent filming of TTV and SETTV romantic comedy Office Girls, the scene shot was of Roy Chiu couldn’t control himself and kiss the cheek of Alice Ke Jia Yan. Roy Chiu smiles and said, “Because we’re too familiar, so when shooting it’s embarrassed.”

In the drama, while making a doll dream house for Sheng Xin Ren (Ke Jia Yan), Qin Zi Qi (Roy Chiu) accidentally injures himself. When Sheng Xin Ren is helping him to apply medicine, Qin Zi Qi can’t control himself and kiss her cheek, and Sheng Xi Ren who never in love before instantly gives him a slap in the face as she doesn’t know how to response.

Because of acting in Office Girls, Roy Chiu Tze and Alice Ke Jia Yan cooperate for the first time. But now as they’re too familiar with each other, it becomes a little awkward when filming intimate scene. Roy Chiu said, “This ambiance is just nice, in the drama one can’t control his feeling, one never in love before, so it’s an embarrassing situation in real, after filmed there is a heart moving feeling instead.”

Roy Chiu also shared his similar experience outside of drama. He said, “In year one of primary school, I followed a girl to walk back home, when at the overhead bridge, she suddenly kissed me, and then ran away. I still remembered the day was a rainy day, after I was kissed, I stood there at a loss, and got wet in the rain.” In regard to can’t control his feeling, Roy Chiu laughed and said, “I used to look at my loved car, as I got closer when looking, and then I can’t help but kiss the bonnet, the result was my whole mouth is car wax.”

Roy Chiu Tse and Alice Ke Jia Yan Kiss

In addition, outside of drama, both of them does not have experience of kissing during ambiguous period. They opinionated that only after the intention of loving each other is confirmed, then only can have intimate acts.

Currently, the highest ratings of Office Girls is 5.17. Alice Ke Jia Yan used to promise that she wants to show her 6-pack abs if the rating breaks 6. For this, she has already started to prepared. Alice Ke said, “Through exercise and diet control, BMI under 18, only after about a month then can see result, and continue for 3 months to be able to see the 6-pack. Now I have started the meal without oil, today is the seventh day, and everyday when gets back to home, I will do 180 sit-ups. After all, I have already promised, so I must try my best.”

via Epoch Times