Days ago, SETTV idol drama Office Girls filming a scene where Roy Chiu is consoling Alice Ke Jia Yan. He was supposed to intimately let Ke Jia Yan leans on his shoulder, but unexpectedly they filmed the scene until both of them had whole body wet.

The roles played by Roy Chiu and Ke Jia Yan is currently in the ambiguous phase. In order to shoot this intimate scene, the production team specifically goes to the outside of a grocery store at Yilan for filming. The male and female leading casts begins with dialog, and then they drink Ramune. But after Roy Chiu pushed the marble to open the bottle, unexpectedly the carbonated soft drink spray everywhere, causing the whole body of them wet, forcing director to stop the filming so that they can change the clothes. Roy Chiu said with a smile, “It’s because we were drinking Ramune, resulting in the carbonated soft drink spray disorderly, the body wet until the filming had to stop. When sprayed, two of us surprised for a moment, but we still continue to act, but later because it is too wet, the director finally could not stand it and asks to stop.”

Roy Chiu and Ke Jia Yan Wet

After the incident, they continue the ambiguous scene, where Roy Chiu used his hand to put Ke Jia Yan’s head on his shoulder. Alice Ke explained, “This time Zi Qi is direct, although it’s a move of consoling, but Xing Ren is a little moved, this is also after the confession by Zi Qi in dinosaur costume, another scene of close distance contact between the two.”

Roy Chiu and Ke Jia Yan Wet

What about how they look at love in reality? Ke Jia Yan said she is more emphasizing on spiritual level rather than appearance, the feeling and frequency when two person get along is very important. Roy Chiu said he won’t purposely looking for love, but hope that she is understanding, can stand on the other side to think, and most importantly is having same value. Roy Chiu who loves racing also stressed, “And must be able to understand the beauty of racing.”

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