Roy Chiu and Ke Jia Yang Want to Holiday on Island (Gucci Fashion Photos)

Gucci was having 2012 early summer series preview fashion show on October 12th, 2011, and had invited the couple pair in top rated drama Office Girls – Roy Chiu Tse and Alice Ke Jia Yang to represent the brand and wear the new clothes. Gucci 2012 early summer series has its inspiration from early summer of Normandy beach.

The women’s dress of Gucci 2012 early summer series takes the practical route, pink-collar working class city image combined with fine pleated skirt of youthful student design, very suitable for 26-year-old Ke Jia Yang who is frugal. And Roy Chiu was wearing the Gucci 2011 Early Summer oceanic series.

The product most loved by Roy Chiu is leather coat, he said “Leather coat is very practical and can be worn for a long time, I willing to spend more budget on it, as it’s worthwhile investment.” In addition, he also jokingly wanted Ke Jia Yan to give him a pair of Gucci sneakers in green and red alternative colors as birthday gift. While Alice Ke set her eyes on a high heel shoe with zebra-stripe as the Gucci 2012 early summer product she most wanted to buy.

When talking about the new clothes on their body which full of oceanic feeling, both of them has the idea to have long holiday on a tropical island. Roy Chiu who has always bought Gucci wallet and key bag as present said, “Accessories of Gucci is the best choice of gift, especially is wallet bag, because at the moment of opening door, will involuntarily think of me.” As for who will he gives to? Roy Chiu laughed but didn’t answer.

Recently the entertainment has a trend of male actors taking personal album, but Roy Chiu is not interested, he self-mockery himself as only left with wreckage, but Ke Jia Yang is interested in seeing how Roy Chiu going to strip. Both of them promises that if the rating of Office Girls can exceed 5, Roy Chiu will have special performance, and when it exceeds 6, Ke Jia Yang will show off her 6-piece abdominal muscle, she quickly followed that there is still time left to practice from now on!

Photo Gallery of Alice Ko Chia Yen and Roy Chiu Ze in Gucci fashion and subsequent interview:


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