In episode 8 of the TTV and SET idol drama series “Office Girls“, Roy Chiu Tze said an actor’s line of more than 200 words continuously without interruption in the scene where he is helping Alice Ke Jia Yan to leapfrog her superiors and deliver Roy Chiu, “Petty Girl dash forward”, a Roy Chiu Ke Jia Yan leapfrogs to help delivers the business plan proposal to the chairman. The crews at the scene couldn’t help but to applause his performance.

Ke Jia Yan said, “Roy Chiu is really good, after finished speaking, his face turned red due to lack of oxygen!” Roy Chiu said, “I belong to the type who has no talent in memorizing lines, but will complete the task due hard efforts.”

Roy Chiu added, "My schoolmate used to tell me that by putting the textbooks under the pillow, the words will be printed on the head, I foolishly did so, the result was been punished to stand up in class the next day!" Ke Jia Yan meanwhile is unfamiliar with the terminology of the office workers, she said: "My math is not too good, such as part of improving performance, the company image, sales marketing budget which are all related to numbers, I have relatively less concept, and not easy to understand, so I had to blindly memorizing."