The rating of TTV and SETTV TV series Office Girls breaks new high again in Taiwan. The rating of the ninth episode aired on October 16th, 2011 is 5.7, a new high for the drama. Previously the lead actor Roy Chiu has promised to drive go-kart in dinosaur costume if the rating of the drama crosses 5. To keep his promise, Roy Chiu invited the main actors and actresses of the drama to have racing of go-kart in a circuit in Taoyuan on October 18th, 2011. Roy Chiu who was not afraid of reduced handsomeness had to wear the dinosaur costume to drive the complete circuit and that made a hilarious scene. But as the cap of the costume was too big and blocked Roy Chiu line of sight, he had to use all his arm, with one hand on the steering wheel and another hand gripped the steering wheel and gearbox, successfully completed the 8 minute standard race course in a highly challenging way, and still managed to be the first to cross the finish line!

Roy Chiu who already has a racing license but is banned from racing during the filming of drama was so happy that he even performed drifting in the costume, and he was longing for more, “If drive my car, I can go faster!”

Ke Jia Yan represents Janel Tsai, Yao Yao and Li Yu Fen in the race. As it was her first time of karting, she was nervous until her face went expressionless, but at the end she shouted fun, “Roy Chiu always wanted to overtake, I feel like I was been chased and running like a monster.” Roy Chiu also purposely brought the roller for Ke Jia Yan, hoping that she can hurry up to train in preparation to show her six-pack abs when the rating breaks 6, as she promised. Ke Jia Yan shown sign of reluctant, said, “I did not expect that audience is so support the drama, now I cannot leave behind the roller, since I have promised, then I must do it.”

To celebrate the rating crossed 5, Wen Sheng Hao and Patrick Li also joined in the race embarrassingly. Wen Sheng Hao said, “I used to drive kart, now is the rare moment to relax.” And he voluntarily to become the next victim, “If the ratings break 7, I’ll reveal the seven abdominal muscles.” And Li Pei Xu who plays the role of jerky manager yell, “Today racing with professional racer is unfair, but fortunately Chiu Ze is wearing a dinosaur costume today, if not he will leave us far behind early on.” Later, he didn’t forget to turn into Shi Te Long, mercilessly “blessed” Roy Chiu to “Peach of mind on the road.”

Janel Tsai who is about to appear in the drama was dubbed by everyone as “Ferrari”, she said, “I am responsible to torture Yu Cheng Feng (played by Wen Sheng Hao), who asks him to have easy days, surrounded by beauties.” When asked her feeling on attending Golden Bell Awards of which she was nominated as best supporting actress, Janel Tsai said, “Similar to Wen Sheng Hao, I think I have 20% chance, but in my heart I really hope to win the award.” As to how she will dress for the star avenue, Janel Tsai replied with one sentence “bare all,” scared Patrick Li to stare at her. She immediately corrected himself, “I think the company won’t allow that.”

A video celebrating Office Girls as the most watched show in Taiwan, together with video clips from the go-karting session.

A news video clip from Sina Entertainment