In the Office Girls idol drama, the relationship of Roy Chiu Tze with Alice Ke Jia Yan and Tia Li Yu Fen has always been ambiguous, and finally in the latest episode 11 aired on October 30th, 2011, he is red-carding Li Yu Fen. Roy Chiu said, “In real life, I won’t drag on like Zi Qi for so long. When there is girls whom I do not like confessed, I will decline clearly and instantly, I do not want them to waste too much time on me.”

After been rejected by Roy Chiu in drama, Tia Li cried alone in the stairwell to tears. The scene was praised by netizens that her acting has improved. Speaking about the type of ideal match, Li Yu Fen said, “I ​​personally like the “herbivore men” (grass-eating men who are asexuality and has personality traits that are generally passive toward relationships and attracted to pastimes traditionally attributed to females), the best if can be good friend and also can be boyfriend. I treat my boyfriend better than me, always buy expensive gift for him. When breaking up because it’s mutual breakup, so it’s considered to be on good terms, though I felt sad, but do not always immerse in the hurt feeling.”

Roy Chiu and Alice Ke

And actress Alice Ke Jia Yan still does not understand the intention of Roy Chiu until now, and still quietly sad alone. But the next episode preview showed that relationship between two has big breakthrough, officially starts to in lover relationship. The previous has made netizens couldn’t help themselves but to imitate with pet phrase (faster) of Patrick Li Pei Xu in the drama, wanting the next Sunday to come faster.

Office Girls was rated 5.35 for episode 11 aired on October 30th, 2011, another record high. Ratings by minute had its highest rating of 6.84 at 23:12 PM, when Qin Zi Qi (Roy Chiu) was facing with tangled feelings between both Xing Ren (Alice Ke) and her mother (Yang Li-Yin) and Zheng Kai Er (Tia Li). It seems that the day Ke Jia Yan has to show her 6-pack abdominal muscle is just around the corner.

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