The Office Girls starred by Roy Chiu Tse and Alice Ke Jia Yang has set a new high in its ratings record with the rating of 4.68 on the eighth episode aired on October 9th, 2011. Among the viewers, the rating for category of working female is 6.65, while rating for category of 35 to 44 years old is even higher at 7.60. Until now, accumulatively there was already 6,550,000 people watched Office Girls.

Tia Li

As the drama with top rating, the discussion by netizens is also intense, especially on Tia Li Yufen. She is now been bombarded as “scheming girl.” For this, Tia Li felt conflicted, she said, “Because personally I am totally different from the character in drama, so sometimes inside my heart there is two voices.” Roy Chiu said, “She is really put up her best performance into the role, because the role is not easy to play, furthermore it’s easy to be criticized, so should instead give her encouragement.”