Korea’s SBS has been dominating the prime time TV airtime recently with the strong showing of drama series produced by the broadcaster. In fact, SBS has been dominating prime time TV airtime slot everyday of the week, except Friday.

These dramas include Warrior “Baek Dong Soo” which reigns on Monday and Tuesday, “Protect the Boss” on Wednesday and Thursday which despite ranks second but manages to achieve considerably high ranking, and “Scent of a Woman” on weekends which breaks 20% rating and wins over rival drama hands-down. The exception is Friday, where The Musical is going to be aired. SBS is certainly hope The Musical can re-emulate the success of its other dramas on other days, and helps SBS to dominate and capture sizable TV audience everyday, continuously without break.

The Musical held a press conference at the Heritz Convention Center in Seoul on the afternoon of August 30th, 2011 to announce the drama. It was attended by main actors and actresses of Daniel Choi, Goo Hye Sun, Gi Eun Se, and Park Ki Woong.

On the press conference, producer Nam Sang Moon said, “The reason why we decided to produce “The Musical” was because of its originality. Not only it’s the first drama to have a plot centered around musical, but it also involves a love line between five people, rather than the conventional three or four.” He continued, “Since SBS already dominates all TV drama slots except for Friday, SBS will take over Friday’s prime time slot with this drama.”

The Musical is a drama about the passion and determination of musical actors as they prepare for their stage, and the love lines that bloom in between. The drama starts airing September 2nd, 2011.

via Nate