The photos on the filming set “lover pictorial” of actor Shin Ha Kyun and Choi Jung Won were made ​​public.

Shin Ha-kyun and Choi Jung Won are starring in KBS 2TV’s Monday and Tuesday drama series Brain as Lee Kang Hoon and Yoon Ji Hye. Both persons is of senior and junior relationship in neurosurgery department of Cheonha University Hospital, from the initial competing mind, they gradually reveal the forming of love line development.

In the released photos, most important thing is that although it’s black and white photos but it cannot hide the charismatic characters of Shin Ha Kyun and Choi Jung Won, attracting people’s attention. Especially the deep loving expression in the eyes of two persons, is just like the look of excited new lover.

The distinctive sharp eyes' expression of Shin Ha Kyun shows exceptional leadership style which is full of manly charm. When NG in the middle of filming, the smile brings a pleasant atmosphere. Choi Jung Won also couldn't hide her happy look of falling in love, with cheerful smile and feeling of excitement. The sincere expressions of two persons is surely NG, the creation of such as pictorial atmosphere, even the audience is moved.

In the drama, Kang Hoon is very stiff, but attracts female with wisdom inside the heart. The confession has made Ji Hye angry, the charming bubble gum kiss became the false statement that made Ji Hye misunderstands, showing the essence of carefully chosen words for sincere love.

In contrast, Yoon Ji Hye is showing active, frank and does not hesitate in proposing to Kang Hoon. She shows a sincere attitude towards mother of Kang Hoon, Kim Soon Im (played by Song Ok Sook), letting him has a lot of comfort. The passionate action of Ji Hye eventually melts the heart of Kang Hoon, and their love line is going deeper.

via Nate