The combination of Shin Ha Kyun and Jung Jin Young, and the combination of Shin Ha Kyun and Choi Jung Won have both been nominated to the best couple award of 2011 KBS Drama Awards, attracting attention of the people. Although the only ‘male-male’ combination is very interesting, but because of two nominations from the same drama may split the votes and may cause the “best couple award” to be snatched away, and thus have caused the protest by the fans of Brain drama series.

The voting for the best couple award of 2011 KBS Drama Awards is currently ongoing at KBS website, the name of lead actor in KBS’s Monday and Tuesday drama series Brain appears twice. Shin Ha Kyun and Jung Jin Young whose conflict is taking shape in Brain are appearing in the list of nominees as “male-male couple.” While Choi Jung Won who has a love line with Shin Ha Kyun in the Brain drama series also becomes a candidate for the best couple award with Shin Ha Kyun.

Choi Jung Won who plays the role of lover in the drama becomes a nominee of best couple award is a matter of fact. But then the combination is opposing the Jung Jin Young’s combination. Recently, the ratings of Brain has been increasing, the roles in the drama have become popular, so the production intent was to make the award ceremony more interesting.

The problem is the opposition by fans which cannot be underestimated. After the candidates for the best couple award were made ​​public, the viewers’ forum of Brain was bombarded with nasty protest messages and other related posts. The possible problem is that the votes for Shin Ha Kyun may be splitting to two groups, as the result the award is won by the couple from other drama series. One netizen expressed the dissatisfaction, “Couple is kissing, be a couple with Jung Jin Young is outrageous. Is it for laughing?” Another netizen said, “Choi Jung Won, Shin Ha Kyun is the official loving couple in Brain, and with Jung Jin Young is a thing of constraint and understanding, “If they win, Jung Jin Young and Shin Ha Kyun will be too embarrassed to say it.”

via Nate