Shin Se Kyung: I Also Have Dialog Lines

Is aphasia court lady Shin Se Kyung has dialog lines too?

The Shin Se Kyung who stars in A Tree with Deep Roots is gaining lots of attention. In the series, Shin Se Kyung is playing the character of court lady So Yi who lost her ability to speak due to trauma at young age.

On the day of filming, Shin Se Kyung was seen to seriously familiarize herself with the script. Shin Se Kyungsaid, “Lines are used to express feeling, but now it’s possible to achieve this goal, so it brings a lot of distress.”

“Is there dialog lines?” She replied, “In the script, there isn’t no lines, but it’s description of some psychological states.” She went on to say, “With no lines, and to act only with the expression is difficult by a lot, but there are benefits too. I am working hard in shooting, and has a good observation of the surrounding circumstances.

In the shooting venue, Shin Se Kyung was interacting well with the crews and actors, and had always maintained a laughter.

A production staff said: “Shin Se Kyung constantly turns and read the script on the shooting venue, and carefully watches her own performance through the display. Everybody are full of praise for her effort!”


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