The tvN Monday and Tuesday drama series Shut Up Flower Boy Band released the stills of the band members.

In the photos, the members are just like the name of the band, Eye Candy, showing to everybody the perfect side face, very very seductive.

Sung Joon who plays the role of Kwon Ji Hyuk exudes a warm charm, while L who plays the role of Lee Hyun Soo conquers the female viewers with sparkling acting, Lee Hyun Jae who plays the mysticism Jang Do Il holds drumsticks in hand and laughs, like a flower boy, Yoo Min Kyu is showing a free and easy smile on his face, Busan man Kim Min Sook shows sincere expression, the look of two persons looking at something drew infinite curiosity from the netizens.

Netizens who saw the set of seductive photos said, "Nothing to complain for looking good for the front, the side face is also so handsome," "Invincible charm of flower boy band," "Large collection of positive good-looking none, side faces so handsome", spend handsome band charm Invincible, "a large collection of sculpture beautiful male" and so on.

via TVDaily