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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

Drama Title: Shut Up Flower Boy Band
Korean Title: 닥치고 꽃미남밴드
Romanization Pronunciation: Dak-chi-go Kkot-min-nam Baen-deu / Dagchigo Kkochminambaendeu / Dakchigo Kkotminambaendeu
Previously known as: 꽃미남밴드: 안구정화 / Flower Boy Band: Eye Candy
Chinese Name: 闭嘴! 花美男乐队 / 遇见花美男乐队
Japanese Name: 迫ってイケメンバンド
Genre: Romance, Musical
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 30 January 2012 – 20 March 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Monday and Tuesday 11:00 PM

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Plot Summary / Synopsis

The drama tells the romantic and youthful love story that happened among friendship, romance and the passion for music of a group of free-spirited and energetic youths. The drama centers around a high school rock band known as Eye Purification.


Sung Joon (성준) as Kwon Ji Hyuk (권지혁)
L (엘) as Lee Hyun Soo (이현수)
Lee Hyun Jae (이현재) as Jang Do Il (장도일)
Yoo Min Kyu (유민규) as Kim Ha Jin (김하진)
Kim Min Seok (김민석) as Seo Kyung Jong (서경종)
Jo Bo Ah (조보아) as Im Soo Ah (임수아)
Jung Ui Chul (정의철) as Yoo Seung Hoon (유승훈)
Kwak Jung Wook (곽정욱) as Jung Ma Ro (정마로)
Jung Ji An (정지안) as Jo Deo Mi (조더미)
Kim Ye Rim (김예림) as Kim Ye Rim (김예림)
Lee Min Ki (이민기) as Joo Byung Hee (주병희)

Production Credits

Director: Lee Kwon (이권)
Screenwriter: Seo Yoon Hee (서윤희)
Prodution Company: CJ E&M

Viewership Ratings (Ranking)

Date Episode Nationwide
30 January 2012 1 1.63
31 January 2012 2 2.2
6 February 2012 3 1.42
7 February 2012 4 1.72
13 February 2012 5 2.4
14 February 2012 6 2.7
20 February 2012 7 1.19
21 February 2012 8 2.13
27 February 2012 9 2.03
28 February 2012 10 2.39
5 March 2012 11 1.74
6 March 2012 12 1.29
12 March 2012 13 1.20
13 March 2012 14
19 March 2012 15
20 March 2012 16

Source: TnMS Media Research


  • Shut Up: Flower Boy Band is the second project of tvN’s Oh! Boy series.
  • Actor Yoo Min Kyu was casted from tvN’s reality audition program Flower Boy Casting: Oh! Boy.

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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band Trailers

Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST Part 1 – Not in Love
Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST Part 2 – Jaywalking
Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST Part 3 – How Come
Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST Part 4 – Wake Up
Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST Part 5 – Love U Like U

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