In the new SBS’s Wednesday and Thursday drama Deep Rooted Tree, Song Joong Ki plays the role of young King Sejong and will lead the initial part of the TV series.

Song Joong Ki said, “Because of wearing imperial royal robe, my mind and body was reverent. Previously I wore a hanbok (traditional Korean costume) when filming “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” but since I was a Confucian scholar in drama, I was comfortable acting in the role. But now I’m a king in “Deep Rooted Tree”, as such I was a bit tense, and had to perform reverently and carefully.”

Song Joong Ki in Deep Rooted Tree

Song added, “I thought deeply about situation of distress of King Sejong tried to make the Korean Hangul alphabet, the conflict between him and his father King Taejong, and power structure at the time. I did my best performing in order to try not to bring trouble to actor Han Suk Kyu, who will play the role of adult King Sejong.”

The producer said, “Song show his unique and charismatic style in the drama. Together with fresh charm and wide range of acting skills will be presented to audience. He will pleasantly impress people with his acting when leading the initial part of the drama and in his duel with Baek Yoon Sik who is in the role of King Sejong’s father.”

via TV Report