In Time with You

Still Will (Hai Shi Hui) MV – WeiBird William Wei (In Time with You Opening Theme Song)

The opening theme song for Taiwanese idol drama In Time with You (I May Not Love You) is Still Will (還是會), or in Pinyin, Hai Shi Hui. The song title is also been translated as “I Still Will.” The song is sang by Chinese pop and folk-rock singer-songwriter, William Wei Li An or simply WeiBird (韋禮安).

Still Will is one of the original soundtrack (OST) for In Time with You which is released on October 18, 2011. The song is composed and written by the singer himself, William Wei.

In Time with You OST Track List

  1. Still Will (還是會) – Weibird (William) Wei
  2. Wings (翅膀) – by Ariel Lin
  3. I Will Not Like You (我不會喜歡你) – Instrumental
  4. Still will (還是會) – Instrumental
  5. Starting Now (現在開始) – Biung Tak-Banuaz
  6. Friend of Ordinary Friend (普通朋友的朋友) – Emerson Tsai
  7. Tip Toe Love (踮起腳尖愛) – Hong Pei Yu
  8. Wings (翅膀) – Instrumental)
  9. I Won’t Like You (我不會喜歡你) – Bolin Chen
  10. Revolving Door (旋轉門) – Aggie

In Time with You

Watch the official MV for Still Will (還是會):

Still Will (還是會) Lyric

在日出之前 能不能再看一眼 你的臉
害怕 醒來不在你身邊的時候
害怕 從此不在你左右
還是會 還是會 還是會不知所措
從今以後沒有我 你會不會

Still Will (還是會) Lyric English Translation

Before sunrise, can I take a look at, your face
Before leaving, can I say again some sincere promise
Can you give me more time to lie on your side
Remember in the heart this picture with your soft face and gentle shoulder
Still will
Scare, the time when waking up not by yourseif
Scare, from now on is not around you
Maybe I
Still will, still will, still will be at a loss
From now on without me, will you
Too lonely





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