Actress Sung Yuri who is playing the role of kind-hearted Joon Young in “Feast of the Gods” finally decided to begin the transformation to strong and brutal heart in the episode 21 broadcast on April 14th, 2012.

On the day’s episode, Joon Young is nerve-racking over the proposal of Seol Hee (Kim Bo Yeon). Joon Young who wants to discuss again with Seol Hee goes to Seol Hee’s room, but accidentally heard the conversation of Seol Hee and In Joo (Seo Hyun Jin). Turn out Seol Hee and In Joo is taking advantage of her, and plot to destroy Arirang and evict Joon Young from the restaurant. After knowing the plot, Joon Young decides to counterattack.

Joon Young in the drama threw away her kindness to turn into a merciless woman, and eventually gets her hand on In Joo. She plashes water to her face, and said, “My mood now can directly throw you out of window!”, leaving audience with great pleasure.

Such a transformation also been applauded and praised by netizens, who commented, “Finally the counterattack begins,” “More and more interesting, Joon Young cheers up!” and so on.