Sung Yuri who is starring in MBC TV weekend drama “Banquet of the Gods” successfully portrays the image of cold and arrogant urban girl, earning the recognition and love of general public. Recently, the photos of her walk-through of the drama on the set were released.

In the photos, Sung Yuri was wearing red hoodie, combing a forceful short hair, and white fair skin is very eye-catching. In particular, although her head was pinned with hairpin, but couldn’t concealed her striking beauty.

In the drama, Sung Yuri become a cold and arrogant girl because of protecting biological mother Seong Do Hee (Jun In Hwa). On one side, she carefully and considerately treats her biological mother, on the other side, she frowns on evil girl Ha In Joo (Seo Hyun Jin). The two distinct performances get the unanimous approval of the public, perfect interpreting the internal and external of the role.

In order to transform from lively candy girl to arrogant cold urban girl, Sung Yuri keeps practicing the script before shooting, hands on with co-starring actors, pouring in all her passion.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, "Even if in the photos shot directly, the skin of Yuri is also shining bright," "when rehearsing for acting also glowingly beautiful," "The face is really small," "Like a doll" and so on.

In addition, Sung Yuri's new film "Detective Cha" is premiering on end of May.