Sunny Wang Shows Flesh to Absorb Cosmic Light

The son of shipping tycoon Sunny Wang Yang Ming has rapidly risen in the social, fashion and entertainment circle within the short slightly over one year of time. When shooting for “Important Person” (大人物) charity photography exhibition, he naked upper body, and from waist to side face was sprayed full of shining powder, showing the lean muscle and colorful tattoos. Sunny Wang smiled and said, “Now I am accustomed to been asked to undress during work!”

Wang Yang Ming is tall, handsome, intelligent, well educated, and from wealthy family. Initially he was known with the identity of Elva Hsiao’s ex-boyfriend. This year, he turned to challenge showbiz with the shooting the first idol drama “In Time with You,” received high-profile attention and became popular rapidly, receiving focus wherever he goes. “Important Person” charity photography show coordinator Chen Sun Hua (陳孫華) said, “Sunny Wang is like a new star just born in the universe, full of energy, sucking at light of universe and vision of everyone to him.” Chen Sun Hua let Sunny Wang naked his upper body, and painted party with glitter powder, as if floating in universe, absorbing the universe light like a magnet.

Filming In Time with You caused Sunny Wang to change a lot. When he was just debuted, he was not used to reveal his tattoos, but when filming there was often the need to undress to film bed scenes or show the body, making him gradually get use to it. He who used to only know how to pose for photographing, now also has feelings expressed through his eyes. Photographer Su Yi Liang (蘇益良) requested the expressions of Sunny Wang’s eyes not only expressed bad, but must also have seduction, Sunny Wang immediately diffused the wildness and sexiness of bad man, quickly met the photographer’s demand.

Love to Perform Since Young

The main thrust of “Important Person” charity photography show is to help young people realize their dreams. Sunny Wang who looked to own everything actually always wanted to be an actor, he said, “I knew I love to perform since young, but I followed family expectation to complete the study, worked in family business, until this year I only started to pursue my own dream.” Sunny Wang encouraged young people, “Do not give up dream, working up to pursue it then one day it will realized.”

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