Synopsis Summary for Episode 1 (Premiere Episode) of Take Care of Us, Captain

The mishandling by First officer Kim Yoon Sung caused a pregnant lady on board the flight to have premature birth, for safety of passengers, captain refuses to land half-way. After delivery of child, the pregnant woman died due to excessive loss of blood, and the child is suffering from sepsis due to mistake by Ji Won. Yoon Sung who feels guilty leaves left South Korea.

In fact, pregnant woman is the wife of captain. After visiting the kid in hospital, captain died in a car accident while on his way home.

Several years later, the daughter of the captain Han Da Jin is flying on the same flight with captain Kim Yoon Sung as first officer co-pilot. The impetuous Da Jin is just similar to Yoon Sung of that year, Yoon Sung believes that the ability and personality of Da Jin do not deserve to become a pilot.

Take Care of Us, Captain Episode 1 Preview Video