Take Care of Us, Captain Episode 19 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Episode 19 of Take Care of Us, Captain (Please, Captain)

Mi Joo calls the meeting of eligibility committee to discuss about the resignation of Yoon Sung based on the flight incident seven years ago. The atmosphere in the meeting room completely inclines to follow the idea of Mi Joo to dismiss Yoon Sung.

Ji Won worriedly rushes into the meeting room to explain about her negligences, attempting to protect Yoon Sung. But Mi Joo even summons Da Jin as the victim to tell all the truth to her. In the end, decision is made to dismiss Ji Won and Yoon Sung.

On the other hand, Yoon Sung discovers Po Song is seriously ill, he quickly calls medic to rush and transport him to ICU.

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5 responses to “Take Care of Us, Captain Episode 19 Synopsis Summary”

  1. Cikliah Avatar


  2. Dothanhxuan Avatar

    there are only some hours we can watch 2 last Eps, I’m very excited… Thanks to Yoong Sung and Da Jin, I decide to learn Korean language to understand more and I will come to visit Korea one day, maybe next year when I can speak some Korean words…

    1. Anisa Avatar

      Have you visit to korea.
      I proud to see Captain. He is so cool and handsome
      He braver man. He said the truth however its painful for him

  3. Geachlyne Fxsnow Avatar

    so how is the ending do DJ forgive YS …YES…!! i realy hope so hehehehehehe happy ending jaeeebbbaaalllll……..

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