Synopsis Summary for Episode 8 of Take Care of Us, Captain (Please, Captain)

The flight is about to take off, but Da Jin and Yoon Sung are yet to appear, and everyone is anxious. The flight is delayed, and the passengers are dissatisfied, fortunately Da Jin and others arrive in time. Ji Won uses her quick wit to resolve the issue for everybody, Da Jin is very grateful.

Ji Won helps a junior to stop the indecent assault of satyr, later she narrowly escapes the revenge of the satyr, at the critical moment Yoon Sung appear to rescue her.

Da Jin wants to help Bok Son to achieve the desire, but Yoon Sung wants her to mind her own business.

Jong Doo eventually travels long distance to visit her mother, and Da Jin is moved when seeing it.

Da Jin brings Da Yeon to visit Yoon Sung, and they get along well.

Take Care of Us, Captain Episode 8 Preview Video