The SBS TV new Wednesday and Thursday drama, Take Care of Us, Captain (Please, Captain), tumbled on debut, failed to arouse the audience’s interest.

The 2nd episode of Take Care of Us, Captain broadcast on January 5th, 2012 tells the story of Kim Yoon Sung (played by Ji Jin Hee) who sticks to principle and Han Da Jin (played by Ku Hye Sun) who is not forgetting to smile even in the face of frustration. But because of the image of characters continuing the character styles of past TV series, so it can bring too much surprise to viewers.

Kim Yoon Sung is a character with slight nervousness, but has handsome appearance and superior ability. While Han Da Jin has the image of tenacious girl who is nagging and does not admit defeat when facing with oppression of the lead male character. And the male and female roles in the content in the day’s broadcast also followed the common portrayal.

What Han Da Jin lets people sees in all is the image of despite accidental lost of parents, raising the young siblings alone, experienced many unfortunates, but has always remained cheerful. And Kim Yoon Sung is also played according to common sense, is portrayed as weak inside the heart, stick to the principle, a third-generation chaebol who has both outlook and money.

As the audience has seen so much of such a character setting, no matter how strong Han Da Jin behaves, oor how nervous Kim Yoon Sung is, it can’t let viewers feel any charisma. And the excessive and burdensome moving scenes before resonating with the audience is also one of the major criticism for the drama.

The drama also describes the story of captain Jung Da Young (played by Son Hyun Ju) and son. The kid that lost his mother a month ago boarded the plane together with father. Mid way of the flight, the kid attempted to open the cabin door, causing the dissatisfaction of many passengers. Crews kept explained to passengers that cabin door cannot be opened with only human force, but still couldn’t quelled public outrage. Turned out the child thought that the mother who has passed away is actually living on the sky, and wanted to open the door to throw the letter to her. After knowing the reason, passengers became silent.

The story keeps changing between Da Jin, Yoon Sung and the kid, but because of too much cut away, it lets the originally moving plot to lose its taste, and also causes it’s very hard to viewers to understand the roles, hence cannot immerse into the drama.

via MyDaily