The SBS Wednesday and Thursday drama series Take Care of Us, Captain (Please, Captain) starring Ji Jin Hee and Ku Hye Sun will be adding a new playwright.

The production team of Take Care of Us, Captain said, “In order to enhance the integrity of the drama, other than current scriptwriter, there will be additional new scriptwriter that will join for the completion of drama.” Take Care of Us, Captain is flaunted as a professional aviation drama, but the “flaws” in the drama continue to attract criticism one after another. On the filming scene, scriptwriter and director also have different opinions on the content of TV series.

The official of Take Care of Us, Captain said, “Script written by author Jung after been discussed by new screenwriter and director Joo Dong Min, decided to add the content of the script to improve the completeness. The new screenplay writer will join from the fifth episode broadcast on January 18th, 2012.”

Take Care of Us, Captain

via SportsSeoul