Synopsis Summary for Episode 13 of Take Care of Us, Captain (Please, Captain)

Da Jin is angry with the confusing heart of Yoon Sung, but Yoon Sung is confirming his heart by hugging Da Jin.

Joo Ri together with crews who learned of Ji Won past begin to isolate Ji Won. Yoon Sung comes to the rescue of Ji Won, The heart of Mi Joo who shuns Ji Won is hurting after catching the sight of Yoon Sung be partial to Ji Won. Yoon Sung always wants Mi Joo not to bully Ji Won again, Mi Joo does not understand why Yoon Sung is so care of Ji Won.

Yoon Sung and Da Jin attend the class together in the university, but the care of all day by a male student for Da Jin is bothering Yoon Sung who is jealous.

Meanwhile, Mi Joo intercepts the information of investigation about Yoon Sung by president, and figures out the shocking past of Yoon Sung.

Yoon Sung invites Da Jin and Da Yeon to his house, and the three have a good time together.

On the Valentine’s Day, with the help of Da Jin and others, a couple on the flight finally got married.

The shop of Mal Ja opens, Da Jin’s colleagues go to support, but Joo Ri constantly harass Dong Soo.

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