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The 50 Signs and Symptoms on Beginning of Premature Aging

In the Taiwanese / Chinese drama In Time with You, one term that starts the plot story between lead actor and lead actress is beginning on premature aging (初老), or simply premature aging. The term is originally a Japanese term which which refers to people around 40 to 50 years old who starts to aware of aging. But in the drama series, the term has a meaning that reflects younger generation of late 20s who is about to reach 30 years old threshold, but shows sign of premature aging, mainly due to the pressure from works and hectic lifestyle which caused the heart aging faster than actual age.

There are plenty of signs and symptoms for premature aging available on the Internet. But in In Time with You drama, Li Da Ren sent to Cheng You Qing a unique list of 50 signs and symptoms on beginning of premature aging. You Qing is furious and angry, but she could not help but looked through the list, and then thinks, how many items she has hit after all.

Here’s the list of 50 signs and symptoms which shows the start of premature aging:

  1. Next to the pillow, on the side of computer’s keyboard, will have a bunch of heat rub, White Flower Embrocation oil, green oil essence and other essential oils for refreshing.
  2. Once sit down, there is a puddle of meat at belly.
  3. Somehow wake up early in the morning.
  4. Start the sleep after lying on the sofa watching prime-time series for 30 minutes.
  5. Hate the long-winding meeting with no conclusion.
  6. Feel that going to be drowned by a bunch of passwords.
  7. Very bothered by the matter that young people does not give up their seats.
  8. There is no worry to say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye to people with wrong magnetic field.
  9. Do not know how to sing the top ranking songs in KTV.
  10. Used to be able to sing KTV until dawn, now if just stay up late for one day, will be tired for a week.
  11. Eager to join network activities like Facebook to avoid being abandoned by the young.
  12. If not muttering to oneself, his mind will be knotted.
  13. The nearer the things the more easy to forget, but the older the things happened the more easy to remember instead.
  14. Feel that t-shirt at Wufenpu and street vendors are for cardboard people.
  15. Used to trouble about acne, now worry about fine wrinkles.
  16. Unless participating morning exercise of ShuaiShou martial art or temple monastery activities, it’s hard to find a gathering with people older than oneself.
  17. Feel that the words of “can we be friend?” of unfamiliar net friend is stupid and not patience.
  18. The rate and chance of meeting new friends gradually passivated.
  19. Getting more and more aware that experts’ sayings are rotten bluff.
  20. Feel the body is strange if not eating green vegetables for one day.
  21. Gradually have no patience for settling trouble for friends.
  22. Getting more and more dislike to change “habits that have been accustomed to.”
  23. Hate to overnight outside, as have to bring a lot of things.
  24. Unwittingly, bring along warm water bottle and floss.
  25. The reason for lazy to make new friends is that lazy to introduce own life from start all over again.
  26. Finally understand that “God is really busy!”
  27. Every time see a certain singer or a certain movie star passes away, will sigh again, our time has passed.
  28. Always put the “important stuff” at “important area”, but then complete forgotten about the “important area.”.
  29. When saying you have watched “Tokyo Love Story,” and know about Rika and Kanji, there is an uproar.
  30. Friends’ divorce (quantity / year) starts to surpass marriage (quantity / year).
  31. No longer interested in constellation, fortune, astrology, Tarot, gender experts and inspirational book.
  32. The chance to participate in the memorial is more than the wedding, opportunity for package “white packet” is greater than package “red packet.”
  33. No longer feel that young sexy girls or handsome guys are a type of happiness fallen from sky.
  34. Ruin the body previously, now ruined by the body.
  35. Begin to pay attention to medical news, such as whether Ginkgo biloba can prevent Alzheimer’s disease or not.
  36. Begin to feel impatient towards cell phone ring tone.
  37. Begin to care about product ingredients, manufacturers, and good fo period.
  38. I have something to tell you recently, but I forget all about it once I see you.
  39. Very critical of army of questionnaire interviewers on the street side.
  40. Begin to have fighting power to deal with fraudsters.
  41. Gradually like to buy food at traditional market.
  42. Most hate to hear “if you don’t like this, then you cannot like this” threat.
  43. Cannot sleep on bed, but once up from bed to watch TV will snore and sleep on sofa.
  44. Will not give up remembering the name that has been forgotten.
  45. Do not have any good feeling towards RAP.
  46. A bunch of people calling you as XX sister, XX brother, but you just want to ask them – shut up!
  47. Hate to celebrate birthday.
  48. Between “embarrassed” and “fighting for better value”, gradually turned to the latter.
  49. Totally not interested in the point collection reward programs of retail chain store.
  50. Suspicious of perfect, convince fully on not perfect.

The production team of In Time with You has even prepared several video slideshows that showcase the signs of early aging:

“Welcome to Front Gate of Premature Aging”

Download “Welcome to Front Gate of Premature Aging” in PowerPoint PPT slide show (.ppsx) format (13MB): welcome_early_old_door.ppsx






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    Correct me if I’m wrong. The list is same with the list in the powerpoint?

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