The child stars who equipped with excellent acting have touched many viewers.

In JTBC drama series Fermentation Family (Kimchi Family), the casting of Yoon Hee Soo who lives with family of Chunjiin after been abandoned by parents; and Jang Min Gyo who plays the role as young Song Il Gook, Song Ye Rim who plays the role of young Park Jin Hye, and Lee Jang Kyung who plays the role of young Lee Min Young adds a lot of fun to the drama.

Especially Yoon Hee Soo who plays her well perfectly. Although Fermentation Family is the first drama series for her, but she throws all her effort into the drama with the innocent unique to children.

Previously during the production press conference of Fermentation Family, Yoon Jin Hee said, “The actor who received the most praise from director is the child actress Eun Bi,” proving her acting skill.

The flower boy child actor Jang Min Gyo who has shot many CF and fashion shows also attracted the attention of viewers. Min Gyu is playing the role of Ho Tae when young, and shows the segment of Ho Tae during his time at orphanage and lost his memory, and increase the tension of the story.

Song Ye Rim and Lee Jang Kyung who appear in the flashback recalling scenes of Kang San and Woo Joo also bring a lively atmosphere to the drama set. Song Ye Rim plays the young Kang San just right, while Lee Jang Kyung with braided hair looks very similar when playing the role of young Lee Min Young.

In the episode 6 of Fermentation Family, there is also child star Ha Seung Li who used to play the role of Ye Bin, the daughter of Yoo Ho Jung in the movie Sunny. She plays the role of young Kang San during the time as high school student, and witnessed the death of her mother. The moving scene lets a lot of viewers shedding tears.

So, in Fermentation Family, not only there are adult actors of Song Il Gook, Park Jin Hee and Lee Min Young, there are also a lot of child actors who bring vitality and joy to the drama.

via Nate