Synopsis summary for episode 10 of The Empress Korean drama from E-Channel

In Hwa suddenly slaps Jung Hyuk in the face, she pushes all the blame to Jung Hyuk. Jung Hyuk learns from Hyun Goo that In Hwa has difficulties that hard to mention.

In Hwa uses drugged Hyung Il to seduce him, and she shot the name list of people related to professor Lee’s case, and passed to president Kong. But president Kong thinks that such an approach is too naive.

Tae Soo almost been assassinated, but is saved by Jung Hyuk. Tae Soo kills the assassin in a huff, but let Jung Hyuk be his scapegoat.

The name list brought by In Hwa is published by senator Oh, senator Choi is brought away by prosecutor for investigation.

The Empress K-Drama Episode 10 Preview Trailer