Synopsis summary for episode 11 of The Empress Korean drama from E-Channel

In Hwa confesses her feeling to Jung Hyuk, and gives her virginity to Jung Hyuk. Jung Hyuk brings along Hyun Goo to fled, he warms the impatient Hyun Goo not to believe words of chief of office Jang.

Chairman Park takes the initiative to take the blame for all crime, in exchange for the release of senator Choi. In order to save father, Hyung Il has not choice but to take initiative to propose to Yoo Mi.

Jang wants senator Choi to help him cancel the case, Yoo Mi takes the opportunity to put forward conditions. Yoo Mi deliberately frames In Hwa by arranging her to meet with senator Oh, and leaks the news to media.

The Empress K-Drama Episode 11 Preview Trailer