The Empress

The Empress Episode 13 (Final) Synopsis Summary with Video Preview

Synopsis summary for final episode 13 of The Empress Korean drama from E-Channel

After some earnest discussion, In Hwa and senator Oh recognize each other as father and daughter. Senator Choi wants to abandon president Park. After Hyung Il knows about it, he goes to the prison to ask whether he still has confidence in snator Choi, president Park decides to reveal the evidence of crime done by senator Choi.

Yoo Mi instructs Jung to assassinate senator Oh. Jung Hyuk who protects senator recognizes Hyun Goo, and prevents his assassination. To protect Hyun Goo, Jung Hyuk is stabbed and died. The criminals are exposed and punished. The In Hwa who encountered unfortunate events lives on strongly to become representative of LB Club, and gives birth to Jung Hyuk child.

The Empress K-Drama Episode 13 Preview Trailer






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