Synopsis summary for episode 3 of The Empress Korean drama from E-Channel

In Hwa is sexually assaulted, Jang Hyuk rescues her and fights with the hooligans. Jang Hyuk is brought away by the head of hooligans. Turn out this person is the eldest brother of Jung Hyuk, Jang Tae Soo. Tae Soo invites Jang Hyuk to work with him. In order to have the power to protect In Hwa, Jang Hyuk agrees. The hostesses in the hotel avoid President Kong, only In Hwa volunteers to entertain him. President Kong sits up and takes notice of In Hwa who is distinctive from the rest, and want to redeem her freedom for her with the condition that she will accompany him for one month. Yoo Mi and Jang Hyuk catch the sight of In Hwa and President Kong check in to the hotel for sexual trade. Jang Hyuk cannot bear the fallen of In Hwa, and stops them.

The Empress K-Drama Episode 3 Preview Trailer