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The Empress Episode 6 Synopsis Summary (Video Trailer)

Synopsis summary for episode 6 of The Empress Korean drama from E-Channel

Representative Jung expresses privately that he believes In Hwa, but she also warns In Hwa that it’s wise to comply with current event. Yoo Mi lets chief of office Jang to determine the source of the painting. Jung Hyuk bumps into In Hwa in the LB Club.

Na Hee gets to know that the money she stole has been paid back by Jung Hyuk with money to redeem In Hwa, Na Hee tells the kindly feeling of Jung Hyuk to In Hwa. In Hwa sees the senator Oh Min Seok for the first time at the club, In Hwa has some speculation on the relationship between her and senator Oh. Under the increasing pressure of family interest, Hyung Il finds In Hwa to talk to.

The Empress K-Drama Episode 6 Preview Trailer






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