Synopsis summary for episode 8 of The Empress Korean drama from E-Channel

Representative Jung discovers that Hyo Woon is the daughter of her former best friend Mi Yeong, and at the same time she also worries that Hyo Woon may expose the identity of been the daughter of senator Oh.

In Hwa who feels miserable invites Jung Hyuk to drink together, she cries and pours out her grief. Thinking of persecution and harm done by those dignitaries on her, In Hwa decides to revenge one by one.

The share price of Park family company drops due to Hyung Il made senator Oh, chairman Park forces Hyung Il to marry with Yoo Mi, but Hyung Il does not agree and get hit.

In Hwa deliberately exposes to the media the nepotism of professor Lee is about to run for the political post.

The Empress K-Drama Episode 8 Preview Trailer