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The Fierce Wife Characters Description (Actors & Actresses)

The description of various characters that appear in the The Fierce Wife drama, with the name of actors or actresses casted for the characters.

Wen Rui Fan (溫瑞凡) – acting by Wen Sheng Hao (溫昇豪)

Wen Rui Fan

  • Male
  • 37 years old
  • Vice President of marketing department of a cosmetics company.
  • Knew younger sister’s best friend An Zhen during school, the two fell into deep love. After university graduation, Wen’s father was sick, and became sicker, and heard that a joy event will help father to recover, he married An Zhen. And in fact they’re married for 10 years, each feeling towards the other is like glue.

    His outlook is very handsome, and has attracted lots of women, and is ready-made advertisement from the company’s marketing department. While from the outside he looks like a bachelor, in fact he has married for nearly 10 years, some more has a lovely daughter. Felt gratitude and pity towards An Zhen who giving her all.

Xie An Zhen (謝安真) – acting by Sonia Sui (隋棠)

Xie An Zhen

  • Female
  • 32 years old
  • Gentle and simple, elegant appearance, is a good wife and mother, and can give up everything for love. Father died since childhood, her mother grew her up independently, because of the growth environment, has deep root of traditional concept. She married top student Rui Fan after graduated from college. Married for 10 years, has a daughter Meng Meng, and perform meticulous care of the family, so that Rui Fan can fight for his career without worry. Doesn’t advocate brand names even though is the vice president’s wife. Is a good daughter-in-law in the eye of father-in-law, while mother-in-law has been critical of her all day long. Simple, kind-hearted, and committed to serve the family.

Lai Wei En (黎薇恩) – acting by Amanda Zhu(朱芯儀 飾)

Lai Wei En

  • Female
  • 24 years old
  • An Zhen cousin
  • Adorable, with big watery eyes, has a character of naive, willful personality and like children in general. An Zhen cousin. When young, her parent divorced, and then remarried. After grew up, the two families do not have extra space for her to stay, so Wei En’s father begs An Zhen’s mother to shelter her until she found a job and can make a living. Due to broken family, Wei En since young has been hoping to have a happy family. Later join An Zhen cousin, and introduced by sister-in-law Rui Fan to work in the cosmetics company.

Lan Tian Wei (藍天蔚) – acting by Chris Wang (宥勝)

Lan Tian Wei

  • Male
  • 29 years old
  • Manager of a well known car company, outlook looks cold and feels hard to approach, but has a special attractiveness. Man of few words, but is observant to the things happened in surrounding, attentive, always a perfectionist, and know how to enjoy life. Feel that women are unreasonable creatures, but this idea is gradually changed after chance encounter with An Zhen.

Wen Rui Xuan (溫瑞萱) – acting by Hu Ying Zheng (胡盈禎/小楨)

Wen Rui Xuan

  • Female
  • 32 years old
  • Younger sister of Rui Fan
  • Buddy and sister-in-law of An Zhen, has married and has a child named Hao Zhuang Zhuang.

    Tough personality, bluntly vocal and outspoken, her job is a salesgirl in awell-known car company. Husband Hao Kang De is romantic by nature, so that trained her unique “fox hunting skill”, with detective skill accentuates when catching the third party of Kang De.

Hao Kang De (郝康德) – acting by Patrick Li (李沛旭)

Hao Kang De

  • Male
  • 32 years old
  • Husband of Rui Xuan
  • Rui Xuan’s husband, best buddy of Rui Fan, casual personality, romantic. Is the sales staff of Rui Fan’s cosmetics company. Has a slick mouth, death can also be said as survival. Love to have affairs outside, but has own set of code for infidelity. Almost every few days, he and his wife will stage a scene of having an affair, catching adultery and hide and seek.

Wen Yu Meng (溫雨萌) – acting by A Bao (阿寶)

Weng Yu Meng

  • 6 years old
  • Daughter of An Zhen
  • Nickname is “Meng Meng”. Look similar to young An Zhen, delicate, elegant and lovely, especially like to stick to Rui Fan.

Hao Zhuang Zhuang (郝壯壯) – acting by Mini Bin (迷你彬)

Hao Zhuang Zhuang

  • 4 years old
  • Son of Rui Xuan
  • Son of Rui Xuan, look a kind of innocent cute, since small is taken care by An Zhen, and treat An Zhen like a mother.

Wen’s Father (溫父) – acting by Guan Yong (關勇)

Wen's Father

  • Male
  • 60 years old
  • Gentle and kind father, love the daughter-in-law, and emphasis ethnics and values.

    Fascinated by maintaining blog.

Wen’s Mother (溫母) – acting by Zhou Jia Li (周嘉麗)

Wen's Mother

  • Female
  • 60 years old
  • Smart, very love her son, keep her son for herself, after Rui Fan married, always fastidious towards daughter-in-law An Zhen, feel uneasy towards daughter-in-law occupying Rui Fan, and always blame An Zhen for not giving birth a son for Wen’s family.

Xie’s Mother – acting by Pan Li Li (潘麗麗)

Xie's Mother

  • Female
  • 55 years old
  • Mother of An Zhen, a village woman with traditional concept. She willing to stay in countryside alone as she does not want to give the daughter too much burden and pressure.

    Is the largest spiritual support to An Zhen.

    An Zhen incisive character is derived from the mother.

Ai Lin (愛琳) – acting by Janel Tsai (蔡淑臻)

Ai Lin

  • Female
  • 35 years old
  • Manager of cosmetics company’s services department, fighting with Rui Fan for the post of vice president, and like Rui Fan. Is a strong woman who succeed in career, but unlucky in love relationship, and had intimate affairs with Manager Zhuang.





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