The Fierce Wife Episode 1 Synopsis (with Preview Video)

The Fierce Wife Episode 1

Episode Title

Marriage is like a dumpling (婚姻就像是顆水餃)


Ten of thousands of people rushes and competes to be the first to pray in temple, Xie An Zhen blaze open a trail among the crowd, climb over the railing with skills beyond normal housewives, and finally managed to grab the first incense! Tale is that people who grabs the first incense, can be promoted and made a fortune! An Zhen can do anything for her husband Wen Rui Fan, and fighting for first incense is small case.

The skill of Xie An Zhen is not only these – never heard of husband go to hotel, fetched by wife? When Rui Fan is having entertainment till late, An Zhen will drive a car to wait in front of the hotel door, wait till drunken Rui Fan is been carried out by hostess, and An Zhen will thank hostess some more! Today while fetching husband, An Zhen received a call from police.

Rui Fan’s sister Rui Xuan and husband Kang De is complaining to police station due to a third party. Earlier on, Rui Xian tracked Kang De, saw him with a young lady wearing bright red high heel shoe, walked into hotel lift together, Rui Xian was angry, even fight in the police station, until An Zhen arrived, only manage to talk them out to go home.

On New Year’s eve, while eating reunion dinner at Wen’s house, Rui Xian noticed there is people who sent chocolate to the house’s front door, the person’s back closely resembled the red shoe girl, Rui Xian is furious, wanted to divorce with Kang De on the spot.

Rui Fan accompanied An Zhen back to her parents’ home, An Zhen’s mother told her, there is a distant cousin who wants to come to Taiwan to find job, hope Rui Fan can help her, let her stay in Wen’s house temporarily. An Zhen does not know to tell husband about this, as she is also not familiar with the younger cousin.

Back home, saw a delicate girl setting in front of the house holding a cat, innocent eyes looked daze and helpless. An Zhen and Rui Fan were amazed, as she is Lai Wei En.

As Wei En really has nowhere to go, Rui Fan agreed to shelter Wei En, Wei En and the kitty formally stay in Wen’s house.

Unexpectedly, Rui Xian discovered the red shoe wore by “third party”, grabbed and hit Wei En, An Zhen stopped her, coincidentally Rui Fan and Kang De just came back, only found out in front of everybody, that the person who sent chocolate and inside the lift was indeed her.

Preview Video

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