The Fierce Wife Episode 10 Synopsis with Preview Video

The Fierce Wife Episode 10

Episode Title

The one not being love, is actually a third party (不被愛的那個,才是第三者)


Rui Fan decides to return to the family, bring everything back to normal, and want to be better to An Zhen! When Rui Fan prepares to buy flower to apologize to An Zhen, he received call from Wei En, and in about turn, Rui Fan go to attend Wei En’s date.

An Zhen cooked a table of nice dishes to welcome Rui Fan, full of hope, but waited in vain.

Because of Rui Xuan encouragement, An Zhen decided to go to Rui Xuan’s car company to interview. An Zhen who has no confident want to back out initially, however the interview results were unexpected and beyond expectation.

Rui Fan and Wei En was invited to birthday party of Ah Tang. During the part, Kevin asked Wei En to drink wine, while Run Fan drink for her, until he was drunk. After drinking, Rui Fan was in suffering, Wei En pity, and bring Rui Fan back to her place. Suffering Rui Fan spoke to Wei En the truth which was long kept in heart. Wei En care for Rui Fan, and suggested that Rui Fan and sister to divorce.

Kang De helps the drunken Rui Fan back home. When An Zhen is sorting out Rui Fan coat, she found the Oliver’s cat hair. An Zhan has a strange feeling, the heart is restless. To find the truth, An Zhen takes the initiative to find Wei En.

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