The Fierce Wife Episode 11

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I just want a perfect memory (我只想要一個完美的回憶)


An Zhen is feeble at work, and that let Rui Xuan felt hard to bear, so she find Tian Wei, and hope that Tian Wei can buy a car from An Zhen to help An Zhen to achieve sales performance. An Zhen bring Tian Wei to test drive, but she is absent minded because of the trouble of Rui Fan thing. The not dedicated attitude made Tian Wei angry, and he decides to play An Zhen.

Wei En told Rui Fan that she had decided to go back to USA, but hope that Rui Fan can give her a birthday gift before leaving Taiwan – two person tour – as her best memory in Taiwan.

The new marketing director took office, and immediately summoned all the salesmen with the worst sales performance, including An Zhen who came last and the old staff Rui Xuan. An Zhen and Rui Xuan go to the designated location alarmingly, and to their surprise, the person who meets them is a familiar face – Lan Tian Wei! Tian Wei mentions that they have to achieve stringent conditions to keep their jobs.

Under the cover of Kang De, Rui Fan and Wei En go to tour. They go to beach, and have all the fun. In the night, in the hotel, Rui Fan brings out a birthday cake. Wei En was touched, and make a wish that can never be fulfilled.

In the night, Rui Fan and Wei En sleep together on the same bed, back facing each other, but both cannot sleep. Wei En hugs Rui Fan from behind and say, “Brother in law, can I make you happy for the last time?”

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