The Fierce Wife Episode 12

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Grateful to her for making our marriage not perfect (感恩她把我們的婚姻變成不完美)


Wei En knew that Rui Fan has already decided. After leaving a letter, she quietly leave the hotel. After Rui Fan wakes up, Wei En had left, and he feels regretted.

Wei En arrived home in sadness, felt that her own world suddenly demised at one moment. The heart broken Wei En cannot stand the urgent rings of doorbell, walk difficultly to open the door, and do not expect the person who stand at the door is Rui Fan.

Kang De called Rui Fan to ask his whereabout, but Rui Fan hang his phone unexpectedly. The angry Kang De drives to Wei En’s place, and swear to bring home Rui Fan!

Rui Xuan call to the computer to check, and find out that the business trip by Kang De and Rui Fan is not simple, and suspect that Kang De is dating with Wei En under the disguise of business trip! Rui Xuan rushed to Wei En’s home, what she saw, was that Kang De who was holding Wei En! Rui Xuan lost emotional control, and clamored to divorce. To calm the dispute, Rui Fan decides to tell the truth.

Meanwhile, An Zhen is preparing to wash the clothes used by Rui Fan during business trip, and unexpected find a letter in the trouser’s pocket.

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